American Halloween – The Emergence

Here in this article, we present the details of emergence of Halloween in the America into a famous festival.

When it came to celebrating Halloween, it was quite limited in colonial New England which was due to hard Protestant belief systems. Halloween was common in Maryland and other southern colonies. With beliefs, traditions and customs related to European ethnic groups meshed up with those of American Indians, a distinct type of Halloween which was considered American version of Halloween, which started to emerge. These celebrations used to include “play parties”, various public events which led to celebration along with neighbors who will tell others about their stories of the dead, fortunes, sing, etc. Colonial Halloween festivities were also used to consist of ghost stories and all kinds of mischief.

In the years after the 1950s, America got flooded with immigrants from all over the world. Irish settlers from Ireland’s potato famine who settled all over America brought the celebration to a national level. By imitating the Irish and English traditions, the Native Americans started to dress up in various costumes and will go to various houses asking for money or food, which was later termed as “trick-or-treat” tradition. Most of the young women used to believe that Halloween can lead to name or appearance of future husbands by the use of tricks along with yarn, apple parings, etc.

By the late 1800s, there was a shift in America which changes the Halloween into a holiday which was more about community get-togethers rather than anything related to ghosts, pranks, and even witchcraft. The Halloween parties for kids and adults emerged out as the best way to celebrate this day. Parties used to focus on games, foods, and festive costumes. As the parents by deeply influenced by the newspaper and leaders to take anything which was frightening out of Halloween. Just because of this, Halloween had lost its superstitious and religious influence with the coming twentieth century.

By the first half of 20th century, Halloween became a secular along with the community-centred holiday. However, due to some miscreants, the cases of vandalism used to happen during Halloween celebrations. With coming years, the leaders successfully took control on vandalism and Halloween emerged as a holiday directed at the young. During the same period, the old tradition of “trick-or-treat” got revived. The people used to prevent tricks to be played on them by giving the children with small treats. Today, in America, over $6 billion market emerged, making it America’s second biggest commercial holiday.

This is how Halloween turned as one of the most famous holidays in America. Do let us know about your views and suggestions by posting in the comment section below.

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