Origins of Halloween

Withstanding in the line between fall and winter, Halloween is considered to be the time of both celebrations along with superstition.

It is considered to have originated with Celtic festival of Samhain where people used to gather and light bonfires along with dressing in various costumes to get rid of ghosts in the vicinity of their living. In case you are searching for Halloween costume ideas, then here it is. Now, we move on to origins of Halloween.

Ancient Origins of Halloween

Its origins is related to Celts who used to live around 2000 years ago in the area which is now known as Ireland, Great Britain and norther part of France who used to celebrate the new year on the date of 1st of November. This day is also considered to be the end of summer along with the harvest and called as the beginning of cold winter, which is a time period related to human death. Celts used to believe that night before the new year is considered to be the time when the boundary between the two worlds of the dead and the living as blurred.

On this night, that is the night of the 31st October, they used to celebrate this ancient festival of Samhain which is considered to be the time when the different ghosts from the world of dead used to return to earth. It was also thought that they can cause trouble along with damaging crops. So the Celts used to think that the presence of spirits from the world of dead made it easier for the Celtic priests, also known as Druids, to easily made future predictions. Their prophecies were considered to be a source of relief and comfort along with a direction to leads during the cold and dark winter nights.

To celebrate this event, these Druids used to build huge bonfires where the Celts gathered to burn their crops and also make sacrifices of the animals to the Celtic deities. In this celebration, these Celts used to wear costumes, mostly consisting of dead animal heads and skins. When this celebration used to get over, they re-lit the bonfires which they had put down earlier that evening, from this sacred bonfire to provide protection during the time of winter.

By the advent of 43 A.D., when the Romans occupied the most part of the Celtic territory, two festivals which originated from Romans was combined with this celebration of Samhain festival. The first festival was Feralia, which is the day in late October which the Romans commemorated with the dead people passing. The second festival was considered to be the day to honor the Roman goddess, Pomona.

Later in the 609 A.D, the Pope Boniface IV dedicate the ancient Pantheon in Rome to honor all the Christian martyrs. By the time of 1000 A.D., the church attempted to replace with Celtics festival of dead with All Souls Day. This festival was similar to Samhain where people used to create big bonfires along with parades and dressing up in different costumes looking like saints, angels, and the familiar devils. This celebration was called All-hallows and the night before this day was called All-Hallows Eve which then became Halloween.

So, here with this, we end our collection on the origins of Halloween. We certainly hope you will find this information worthy. Do leave us your comments letting us know about your views, suggestions and any information which is linked with this mystical festival of Halloween.

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