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Top 10 Tips to Stick to New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Well, we all face that time of the year when we wish to start a life altering habit or goal to get hold of our daily routine and future goals. It can be about losing weight or quitting smoking, but when it comes to success rate only one person out of ten generally reach their goal.

Psychologists have detected important features which will lead to success of these resolutions. The main factor is dividing resolution into smaller goals which are specific, time-based and quite measurable.

Few researchers have found that the people who fail to carve out a plan which makes their resolution a tough thing to achieve.

Most of the people focus on downside of not reaching their goal and adopt role models and then fantasied about their aims or just rely on their will power alone.

In case you are trying to lose some weight then it is not sufficient enough to put a picture of a model on the fridge and then fantasize about getting slimmer.

Only 10% of the people who broke their resolution into smaller goals, felt a heightened sense of achievement when they achieved their smaller goals.

Mentioned below are top 10 tips which will certainly help you to stick to your resolutions and bring great changes in your life in the New Year.

1. First in the list is: Make One Resolution Only.

When it comes to chances of success, it is quite easy to channelize your energy towards a single goal and try to changes just one aspect of your personality and behaviour.


2. Finalize your resolution before-hand.

In case you are going for a New Year resolution then don’t wait for New Year’s Eve for making one. Take some time before the day to finalize your resolution and also give thoughts to find out which thing you want to change and what you wish to attain.


3. Don’t make previous resolutions.

If you are going for a resolution, then don’t pick the older one which you tried and failed as this may frustrate you and disappoint you even more that you will certainly fail trying to achieve them this time.


4. Don’t follow anyone’s resolution just for sake of it.

It is better not to go for a resolution which majority of people are following. The sheep behaviour generally tends to failure of resolution. It is quite better to analyse your life and then decide which resolution you require the most in order to change yourself for your own betterment.


5. Divide you resolution in series of steps.

It is recommended that you focus on creating sub-goals which are quite concrete, measurable and also time-based. This feel provide you constant feel of achievement and sticking to plan will certainly build your confidence.


6. Inform your family and friends about your goals.

In case you need support, then it is better get support of your loved ones which will provide strong feelings to avoid any failure.


7. Rethink about the benefits of resolution that are associated with the resolutions.

Create list of points about what positive change this resolution will bring in your life and then use it for sticking to your resolution.


8. Reward yourself when you achieve a sub-goal.

Every time you get the sub-goal, then you should reward with even small things to keep your momentum high and congratulate yourself. This will strengthen your resolve.


9. Keep a journal.

Make your plans and progress solid by writing them down on your journal. And every time you achieve the sub-goal, mention it on your journal.


10. Try to change your old habits in regular period of time.

You should treat your failure as a simple setback rather than making it a reason to give up your resolution altogether.


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