Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Self-Improvement

List of top 10 New Years Resolution Ideas for you to follow in the coming New Year.

As the New Year is approaching and with the holiday season coming to us, many people are busy evaluating their life choices and looking for New Years resolution ideas to follow in the next year. These ideas are the best opportunity to retrospect your daily life and habits, your activities and decision making, to improve them or get rid of something that is holding you back. It’s the time to restart your life after failed resolutions of the last year and try making another effort to reshape your life.

It’s the perfect moment to sit back and finalize the list of worthy resolutions to try in the coming year. As most of the people generally fail to live up to their resolutions, we are providing you few of the best New Year’s resolutions which you can try and follow. We present a list of ideas for improving your life and discovering new avenues in your personal and professional life in the coming year. Mentioned below are the top 10 best New Year’s Resolution Ideas to follow.

1. Quit Smoking and get rid of cigarettes.

Considered as one of the worst habits, smoking kills millions of people around the world. It is also one of the most hated habits in the society as it not only affects the health of the smoker but also causes dangers to the loved ones near the smoker along with costing a lot, financially. To quit this habit, one needs an immense willpower as most of the people fails to live up to this resolution. Going cold turkey shouldn’t be tried as it often results in relapse. It is better to make a plan to reduce and then eventually get rid of this habit.

quit smoking and get rid of cigarettes

2. Reduce or Stop Drinking Alcohol.

While it is quite common and safe to drink alcohol in moderation as it does have health benefits, most of the people fail to live up to this resolution. In case you are a heavy drinker, you should try to quit this habit as drinking in excess risks your life along with others. It causes huge financial strain too. The emotional outburst and sudden acts under the influence can cause damage to you or the others. For those who are going to try quitting drinking, then it is suggested that they first moderate their drinking habit and then try quit the habit, altogether.

reduce or stop drinking alcohol

3. Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination has ruined many lives by making people unaccountable and lazy. This bad habit of postponing important tasks can seriously affect anyone’s credibility and responsibilities. In case you are among those who leave things to be delayed for any reason, this may be the best time to stop procrastinating and follow this resolution which is one of the best New Year’s resolution ideas. This will certainly help your life to bring it on track and make you a trustworthy and responsible person. It will affect both your personal and professional life for good.


4. Get organized.

When it comes to getting thing organized, many of us fail to do so. No matter how much time you have, if you aren’t able to manage it properly, then you will definitely suffer a lot. It is quite important to stick to a schedule and do things at their intended time. By getting organized, you can get more time to enjoy your life. There are numerous apps and tools available on the internet and app store where you can download them to help you in organizing your daily life. Just try to make this habit as part of your self-improvement plan.

get organized

5. From Hobby to Career.

Many of us like to follow certain hobby to improve ourselves, both mentally and physically. However, most of us fail to convert the hobby into an appealing career. If you have any hobby that you love to do, you can create your own career by following your heart. With some investment of time and money, you can start your own means to earn money. Many people turn their hobbies into a lucrative career, and you can also do so. All you need is dedicated and planned execution of plan carved out from your hobby into a prospective career.

Following this resolution, you can build your own income source out of your hobby which will gratify you mentally, physically and financially.

from hobby to career

6. Learn New Skill.

There is no age barrier to learning a new thing. If you love to learn, then you will definitely enhance your life in the coming year. When it comes to “what to learn”, the list is endless. You can try to learn a new instrument, create paintings, knitting, cooking or anything that you love to become good at. Learning any new skill will certainly boost your confidence that will be reflected in your personal and professional life. Its effects are far reaching and this makes you more fitting for the society.

learn new skills

7. Get More Confident.

When it comes to confidence, many of us fail to understand our inner strengths and abilities. Most of us may not have confidence in our skills which limits our growth. In the coming year, make this a daily habit to be more confident in anything you do. This will change your life’s perspective and approach to the various situations that you will face in the coming year. It is quite important to remain confident in toughest time and pursuing what you really love.

Confidence boost will make you more relaxed and happier along with making you more effective and better in anything you do. It starts with crediting yourself for whatever you do, learn to appreciate yourself, and become more proactive to attain your goals. Make “being confident” as your resolution for coming year and see yourself transform into a better person.

get more confident

8. Find Joy in the Little Things.

Many of us fail to appreciate what we have and don’t give importance to whatever we are bestowed with. While sulking for what we want, we look down or ignore the little things that make your life easy and happier, which may lead us to depression. One should always introspect with what he/she has rather than moaning for more. There is nothing wrong for expecting more in your life but it is quite disturbing if you don’t admire what you already have.

You may be living a better life than people who also wish to lead a life like yours. You should be more grateful for this coming year and enjoy the things that you already have.

find joy in the little things

9. Don’t waste time on Social Media.

It is ok to spend time on social media to remain in touch with your friends and family but spending too much time on it can become a serious addiction. Social media has become one of the leading cause in ruining both, professional life and personal life. It is quite serious to become addicted to social media as it may result in complications in your life. It is important that you keep a check on your time spent on social media so that you don’t end up missing great moments and opportunities in real life.


10. Master Your Fear.

There are known and unknown fears that haunt us. It is quite normal to fear anything. It tells you that you are human. But restricting yourself and your growth due to fear is something you should get rid of. Our deepest fear can become strongest feature if we learn to control our mind. It needs dedicated hard work and new perspective to get rid of both fear and insecurities, but the results are quite rewarding. In the coming year, make it a habit to learn to master your fear about the things that you get scared by.

master your fear

With this, we end our list of top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for you to try. You can pick any of the proposed entry and try to improve yourself.