Top 3 Myths about Halloween

With the festival season, people are looking out for their favorite Halloween costume ideas. But when it comes to supernatural things and fear, Halloween is the most shrouded festival. There are humongous misconceptions related to its various traditions along with its origin. Talking of misconceptions, here we have top 3 myths regarding Halloween.

1. Keep tabs on your kids consuming adulterated candies.

Last year people of Denver was warned by the local police of possible adulterated candies available in the market. This lead to unreasonable fear among the parents as there was never any case of candies adulterated with marijuana and other suspicious items. This fear is unnecessary and can spoil your festival. There have been cases where the rumors about contaminated candy became prevalent which were totally a hoax.

Image Source: countercurrentnews
Image Source: countercurrentnews

2. Halloween is related only to America.

When it comes to the extent of accumulation along with consumption which reflects quite American, its origins is quite different. Its origins can be linked back to Celtic festival which was called Samhain. For most of the Celts, November 1 was marked as the harvest ending date and beginning of a new year. They also believe that at this time, the souls of the dead people would mingle with the living.

It then became All Saints day or All Hallows day which was then converted into Halloween. It used to consist of feasts, lighting candles along with bonfires to attract any wandering soul. The Irish immigrants took the tradition to America in the 19th century along with its various customs.

Image Source: wikimedia
Image Source: wikimedia

3. Halloween is Satanic.

When we talk about Halloween, the Evangelical Christians termed Halloween as a festival for demonic spirits. The entire concept of trick or treat is that the druids will go to anybody’s house and demand for money. In case they didn’t get the money they asked for, they will kill one of their sheep.

Even with the Samhain festival, which was celebrated by the Celts, they used to make sacrifices to honor the dead, but most of those sacrifices were mostly burned crops, not an animal. There was no connection with any type of human sacrifice.

It was the Catholic Church that tried to brand other native holidays of rival religions as associated with Devil Worship. However, Devils are still the symbol of Halloween, but it was all about projecting fear in a secure and sporty way. There was no instance of any demonic rituals.

Image Source: alarabiya
Image Source: alarabiya

With this, we end our take on few of the most prevalent misconceptions related to Halloween. There is quite a negative perception towards this festival and can somehow result in panic and fear among the population. One must admit that these misconceptions have no solid ground and they can play as a devil or any other character to enjoy this festival. Stay tuned, we will come with more articles related to Halloween.

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