Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Halloween

Halloween has always been one of the most favorite festivals in America. This holiday is quite special as it brings fun and experience which can’t be provided by other holidays.

The best thing among the others which makes the Halloween great is the extent of movie selection it offers. Halloween comes with the most widest variety of movies and also offer night filled with fund with our friends.

Mentioned below are the 5 common reasons which makes Halloween, a special festival:

1. Getting Terrified

Don’t know about others, but there are lot of people who like to get terrified in this festive season. Pranks and scares make this holiday, a spooky one. People do love sudden scares during this festival. In this holiday, you can dress up like anyone with fearing tone and voila, you have got your own way to scare people.

2. Treats Everywhere

People do love to get candy and even adults like this too which makes it so great. The idea of free candy makes it much better holiday. Everyone expect sudden surprises, and free candies is the perfect thing.

3. Be What You Want To Be

In this festival, you can become whatever excites you. You can be anyone, Michael Jackson, Hannibal Lecter, Nurse, Postman etc. and many more roles you wish to become for one day. As the mood everywhere is about getting crazy in Halloween, why not become the person or a thing that attracted us most.

4. Lot of Parties

This festival brings out the party animal in each one of us. This is the perfect time to throw or attend any theme festival. Halloween brings lots of parties. People come as dressed up in various costumes and spend quality time with friends and families.

5. Movie and TV Specials

Halloween brings your favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it is The Exorcist, Doctor Who, Ghost Busters, Hell Boy etc. there comes huge number of best movies and TV shows. Some movies are quite scary one which can give you goosebumps at any moment. The TV shows runs for entire time with great surprises and wonderful events especially the scary ones like American Horror Story.

By far, Halloween is the best holiday in the entire year which brings all kinds of emotions in the people. You can not only relax but also spend quality time with your family and friends while dressed like clowns or any other character. It also brings out the childish part in all of us along with the nagging feeling of ghosts and ghouls which give us sudden adrenaline rush and excitement. This festival is festival of acceptance. For one day, people become any one they wish to be and still get the acceptance in the society. It is also acceptance of different cultures which mold this festival in whole different ways.

We hope that you may find these reasons sufficient enough to explain why Halloween is one of the most amazing festival in the year. Just enjoy this festival and let us know about your experiences and feelings related to this festival in the comment section below.

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